We Are Noisy

Things we find inspiring, things we think are cool or things we just like.


19th October 2018
Rhode Island-based artist Thomas Deininger creates mind-bending optical illusions with his found object sculptures.

14th September 2018
Beautiful new packaging design for Martini by Stranger & Stranger


10th September 2018
Sage advice from do lectures.

Look after yourself.

1, Celebrate small things

2, Celebrate big things

3, Don’t compare

4, Make time for exercise

5, Eat well

6, Look for the good

7, Stop being so hard on yourself

8, Have some rest. And don’t feel guilty about it

9, Give yourself a pat on the back

10, Bed early


11th September 2018
Beautiful record cover design by Carosello Lab via mr-cup.com


10th September 2018
A stomper from the ever consistent Jimmy Rouge.


1st September 2018
Bathing Suits by Izod, Paris, by George Hoyningen-Huene 1930


1st September 2018
Bettina and Frances McLaughlin-Gill, New York by Gordon Parks 1950


25th August 2018
Jimmy’s guest mix for the Headfunk sessions


20th August 2018
Strip by Giulia Palombino


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